Rider Profile – Georgina Von Marburg

Name: Georgina von MarburgĀ 10620514_10207680700353442_6170504174905833373_n

Nickname: George, ‘Missile Marburg,’ ‘Gan’ (Yes, Gan, not gun. Don’t ask.)
Age: 22
Bike: Avanti Corsa DR 2.0
Sponsors: CBR, Two Before Ten Cafe
Specialty: Sprinter – I think…
Notable results: 3rd in ACT Crit Champs… haven’t been riding long enough for the ‘s’ in ‘results’
Favourite race: Any race where I finish well and don’t get dropped šŸ˜‰
Favourite training ride: Cotter-Uriarra loop, Federation Maul sprints, and anything with the ANU or CBR crew!
Favourite training music: Deadmau5, Rufus, Grimes… and Justin Bieber.
Average training week: Greatly varies depending on upcoming events. But can never miss the ANUCC Sunday bunch.
Favourite racing nutrition: Clif bars and gels – that placebo effect!