About the National Junior Road Series

The NJRS is the state and national level series for U15 and U17 riders. It provides a virtual link between riders in all states, culminating in the final race of the series – the National Junior Road Championships. The series is comprised of two point-scoring events in a rider’s home state, with final event (National Junior Road Championships) being the final and only point-scoring event for riders from all states. A NJRS Series Leader Jersey will be awarded to the highest-ranked rider from the ACT at the conclusion of each of the ACT NJRS events.

Riders from all states and countries will still be eligible to enter the Canberra Junior & Women’s Tour and will still feature in the results, however only ACT riders (riders registered with a Cycling ACT club) will score NJRS points in the event. Riders from other states will score NJRS points in their home-state’s 2 x nominated NJRS events, as well as the National Junior Road Championships.

2019 NJRS Events (ACT Riders):

Peter Blackshaw Real Estate Canberra Junior & Women’s Tour: 11 – 12 May 2019
Goulburn Junior Tour (NSW): 18-19 May 2019
National Junior Road Championships: 20 – 22 September 2019