2019 courses will be announced soon!

Stage 1: Individual Time Trial
The Truffle Farm, Majura.  |  Saturday 13thOctober 2018

NCT18 kicks off with an Individual Time Trial Stage on one of Canberra’s flattest courses. The -1.1% gradient will see speeds in excess of 60km/h in the first 6km, before the real work begins at the turn around. TT bikes will be a plus, but the nature of the course will give riders on road bikes a fighting chance. The stage will also decide the Masters Classification for those of Masters 4,5,6, and 7+ (Men/Women) age.

All grades will be covering one lap of a 11.9km out and back course.
Start times will be released in the week leading up to the event.

Course: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28140691

Date: Saturday 13thOctober 2018
Where: The Truffle Farm, Mt Majura Rd, Majura

Stage 2: Road Race
The Truffle Farm, Majura.  |  Saturday 13thOctober 2018

The flat run to the bottom of Mount Majura saw numerous successful breakaways in the 2017 edition of this stage, before the strongest climber made serious inroads in the General Classification on the ascent to Canberra’s highest inner-city peak.

Men’s A: 103.5km (6 Laps + Mt. Majura)
Men’s B: 86.7km (5 Laps + Mt. Majura)
Men’s C: 69.9km (4 Laps + Mt. Majura)
Men’s D: 53.1km (3 Laps + Mt. Majura)

Women’s A: 69.9km (4 Laps + Mt. Majura)
Women’s B: 53.1km (3 Laps + Mt. Majura)

Course: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28140704

Date: Saturday 13thOctober 2018
Where: The Truffle Farm, Mt Majura Rd, Majura.

Stage 3: Kermesse
Australian Institute of Sport  |  Sunday 14th October 2018

A new 3.6km course will close the 2018 edition of the Tour, and this one is as flat as they come. The course features long stretches of relatively straight road and a 1.8km stretch of double lanes & 200m of triple lanes leading up to the Start/Finish, leaving the intermediate sprints & stage wide open to contention by everyone with power left in the legs.

Men’s A: 53.3km (15 Laps)
Men’s B: 42.6km (12 Laps)
Men’s C: 37.2km (12 Laps)
Men’s D: 31km (10 Laps)

Women’s A: 42.6km (12 Laps)
Women’s B: 31km (10 Laps)


Men’s A, Men’s B and Women’s A: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28140719
Men’s C, Men’s D and Women’s B*: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28140722

Date: Sunday 14thOctober 2018
Where: Masterman St, Bruce (Australian Institute of Sport)

Note regarding the MC, MD, and WB Stage 3 Course:

* Please note due to an unconfirmed event potentially being held at the AIS in the afternoon, the Men’s C, Men’s D and Women’s B course may turn just before the Braybrooke Street round-a-bout. This section of road is 3 lanes wide, and so if the separate AIS event does go ahead, an artificial roundabout will be built out of bollards at the turn-around point. If the separate event at AIS does not go ahead, the MC, MD and WB course will be the same as MA, MB and WA (turning around the permanent round-a-bout at Baybrooke Street).