Stage 1: Individual Time Trial
Stromlo Forest Park | Saturday 11th May 2019

Course Description:
This years time trial will be a stark comparison to last year, with rolling hills making up the route predominantly. Correct pacing will be critical to a good time, with the final kilometres predominantly down hill meaning a limited potential to make up time.

Participation: 3km  |  Course
U9: 3km  |  Course
U11: 3km  |  Course
U13: 5.9km  |  Course
U15: 5.9km  |  Course
U17: 11.8km  |  Course
U19M: 11.8km  |  Course
Women’s A (incl. U19W): 11.8km  |  Course
Women’s B: 11.8km  |  Course
Women’s C: 11.8km  | Course

Stage 2: Kermesse
Stromlo Forest Park | Saturday 11th May 2019

Course Description:
Previously used in the 2017 edition of the tour, this course requires riders to be extra cautious of attacks due to the multiple spots for successful breakaways. The criterium track will favour the sprinters, while the climb out of Stromlo Forest Park lends its hand to an opportunist, long range attack.

Participation: 3.8km (1 lap)
U9: 3.8km (1 lap)
U11: 7.6km (2 laps)
U13: 15.2km (4 laps)
U15: 22.8km (6 laps)
U17: 30.4km (8 laps)
U19M: 30.4km (8 laps)
Women’s A (incl. U19W): 30.4km (8 laps)
Women’s B: 22.8km (6 laps)
Women’s C: 22.8km (6 laps)


Stage 3: Road Race
Uriarra |  Sunday 12th May 2019

Course Description:
The Tour heads back to the Uriarra hills for the road race after proving it to be a great course in 2018. The revised Uriarra route offers a progressively challenging course for each step up in age group. The course will take in some of the ACT’s most scenic terrain on modest climbs, which will decide the King/Queen-of-the-Mountains Classifications. The U9, U11 & the Participation categories will be raced on the purpose-built criterium circuit at Stromlo Forest Park.

Participation: 4.8km  |  Course
U9: 4.8km  |  Course
U11: 7.2km  |  Course
U13: 13.2km  |  Course
U15: 31.6km  |  Course
U17: 50km  |  Course
U19M: 80km  |  Course
Women’s A (incl. U19W): 80km  |  Course
Women’s B: 50km  |  Course
Women’s C: 50km  |  Course

*Nb. For U19M, WA, WB, and WC the Day 2 stage order will be reversed (Stage 3: Criterium, Stage 4: Road Race)
** Participation, U9 and U11 Road Race will be held on the full criterium circuit. U13’s course is undulating.

Stage 4: Criterium
Stromlo Forest Park |  Sunday 12th May 2019

Course Description:
Canberra’s purpose-built, closed-environment criterium circuit will host Stage 2 of the 2019 Tour (Stage 1 for U19 & Elite Women). In 2019, all age groups will now race on the full 1.25km length of the circuit**. This stage will also be the chance for the U15+ age groups to grab the Sprint Classification Jersey.

Participation: 10mins + 1 Lap
U9: 10mins + 1 Lap
U11: 12mins + 2 Laps
U13: 15mins + 2 Laps
U15: 20mins + 2 Laps
U17: 30mins + 2 Laps
U19M:40mins + 2 Laps
Women’s A (incl. U19W): 40mins + 2 Laps
Women’s B: 25mins + 2 Laps
Women’s C: 25mins + 2 Laps (racing separately from Women’s B)

Participation / U9 / U11: Course
U13+: Course

*Nb. For U19M, WA, and WB, the Day 2 stage order will be reversed (Stage 3: Criterium, Stage 4: Road Race)
** U9/11/P will race on the full length of the circuit for the “Road Race” stage, and use a shortened course for the criterium.