Stage 1: Individual Time Trial
Uriarra (U9/11) & Stromlo Forest Park (U13+) | Saturday 11th May 2019

Course Description:
The revised Individual Time Trial Courses for 2019 will suit the all-round rider. The rolling flats of Uriarra Road will challenge riders to search for rhythm over the rolls on an otherwise flat and non-technical course. This stage is raced on CLOSED ROADS.

U9 / Participation: 3km  |  Course (Revised)
U11: 3km  |  Course
U13 / U15: 7.5km  |  Course (Revised)
U17 / U19 / WA / WB / WC: 13.3km  |  Course (Revised)

* For some grades, Stage 1 & 2 will be in reverse order. Please refer to the Event Program or Event Timetable (link at bottom of this page).

** For age groups U13 and above, the ITT Start/Finish will be at Stromlo Forest Western Carpark (3km North-West of the criterium track, accessible by separated bike path). For Age Groups U9/11/P, the Start/Finish will be at the criterium circuit.

Stage 2: Kermesse
Stromlo Forest Park | Saturday 11th May 2019

Course Description:
Previously used in the 2017 edition of the tour, this course provides multiple spots for successful breakaways. The criterium track will favour the sprinters, while the climb out of Stromlo Forest Park lends its hand to an opportunist, long range attack. This stage is raced on CLOSED ROADS.

Participation: 3.8km (1 lap)
U9: 3.8km (1 lap)
U11: 7.6km (2 laps)
U13: 11.4km (3 laps)
U15: 19.0km (5 laps)
U17: 22.8km (6 laps)
U19M: 26.6km (7 laps)
Women’s A (incl. U19W): 26.6km (7 laps)
Women’s B: 22.8km (6 laps)
Women’s C: 22.8km (6 laps)

Kermesse Course (all categories)

For a projection of kermesse times, lap-by-lap, view the Kermesse Mocka.


Stage 3: Road Race
Uriarra |  Sunday 12th May 2019

Course Description:
The Tour heads back to the Uriarra hills for the road race after proving to be a great course in 2018. The route offers a progressively challenging course for each step up in age group. The course will take in some of the ACT’s most scenic terrain on modest climbs, which will decide the KOM/QOM Classifications (U15 & older only). The stage is mostly held on closed roads (100% of the U15 & younger course is on closed roads), with just the section of road between points D & E being open to speed-reduced (60km/h) traffic on a low-traffic road.

U9/11/P: 6.2km  |  Course (UPDATED)
U13: 13.2km  |  Course
U15: 31.6km  |  Course
U17: 50km  |  Course
U19M: 80km  |  Course
Women’s A (incl. U19W): 80km  |  Course
Women’s B: 50km  |  Course
Women’s C: 50km  |  Course

For a projection of estimated Road Race times, including KOM’s, view the U19 & Open Women Road Race Mocka or the U9 to U17 Road Race Mocka.

* For some grades, Stage 3 & 4 will be in reverse order. Please refer to the Event Program or Event Timetable (link at bottom of this page).
**23 April update: The U11/9/P road race course has been updated so that they can also have the chance to race out on the road under closed-road conditions. Please note, the U9/11/P Start is located at the Top of the 3 Sisters on Uriarra Road, which is an additional 6km past the Road Race Start/Finish area.


Stage 4: Criterium
Stromlo Forest Park |  Sunday 12th May 2019

Course Description:
Canberra’s purpose-built, closed-environment criterium circuit will host Stage 4 of the 2019 Tour (Stage 3 for U19 & Open Women’s categories).

This year’s criterium stage will reward and encourage tactical risk-taking towards a single goal for the stage: stage bonus seconds. Big bonus seconds! No intermediate sprints, no sprint jersey points, and no real-time gaps makes one critical difference to tactics in this stage: You lose nothing for trying.

Participation: 10mins + 1 Lap
U9: 10mins + 1 Lap
U11: 12mins + 2 Laps
U13: 15mins + 2 Laps
U15: 20mins + 2 Laps
U17: 30mins + 2 Laps
U19M:40mins + 2 Laps
Women’s A (incl. U19W): 40mins + 2 Laps
Women’s B: 25mins + 2 Laps
Women’s C: 25mins + 2 Laps (racing separately from Women’s B)

Participation / U9 / U11: Course
U13+: Course


Want to know when your age category is racing over the #CJWT19 weekend? Download the draft Event Timetable here.


The official CJWT19 Event Program contains everything you need to know about the event and the final draft is now available for download here. Hardcopies will also be available at the event.


The grading lists are now available for viewing on the Entries Page.