4 Stages

  • 1 x Road Race on closed roads
  • 1 x Criterium stage on Canberra’s purpose-built criterium circuit
  • 1 x Individual Time Trial
  • 1 x Kermesse for action packed racing for riders and spectators

4 Jerseys

  • General Classification (all age groups, WA, WB, WC)
  • Young Rider Classification (U15, U17)
  • King-of-the-Mountains (U15, U17, U19, WA, WB, WC)
  • Sprint Points Classification (U15, U17, U19, WA, WB, WC)

Many reasons to compete!

  • Stages on different terrain, allowing all types of rider a chance of success and developing racing skills in different areas
  • Closed roads*, and a purpose-built criterium track
  • A qualifying event for Junior Road National Championships (U15 & U17 ACT Riders)
  • Part of the National Junior Road Series

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter?

Entries are open now via the Entries page

Who can enter?

The Peter Blackshaw Real Estate Womens’ and Junior Tour is only open to riders who are licensed through Cycling Australia (CA) or the equivalent national body. If you wish to ride the tour you should first join a Cycling Club and obtain a CA licence. International riders who are licenced through their national governing body are eligible to ride. All riders are able to enter through the online system. All riders will be required to provide their license when signing on for the Peter Blackshaw Real Estate Junior and Women’s Tour

When do entries close?

Entries will officially close at midnight on Sunday 5 May, 2019

Are there any limits on field sizes?

No the course will be able to handle field sizes as large as any we expect for the Peter Blackshaw Real Estate Junior and Women’s Tour

Do I need a Cycling Australia License to race?

Yes, only CA licensed riders, or junior international riders licensed through their National body, are permitted to race in the Peter Blackshaw Real Estate Junior and Women’s Tour . International riders will be required to present an international licence to compete. You should seek to obtain membership of your local cycling club before entering the Tour.

What restrictions on equipment are applied?

Racing is conducted in accordance with CA Technical Regulations which can be obtained from the Cycling Australia website.

The following extract provides the relevant information:


(Refer also UCI Regulations Part 1, Ch III: Equipment)

3.5.01 All bicycles ridden in competition shall comply with the UCI Bicycle Regulations as outlined in Annexure 6 of these regulations unless special circumstances are granted from time to time by the CA Board of Management.

3.5.02 For all road events the bicycles used must have two efficient and independent hand brakes and handlebar ends must be plugged. Free (single ratchet) or variable gears may be used. Fixed sprockets shall be forbidden. (1/1/2010)

3.5.03 CA shall not be liable for any consequences deriving from the choice of the equipment used by the licence holders, nor for any defects it may have or its non compliance.

3.5.04 A “Standard” wheel is defined as a wheel manufactured entirely of metal and having 16 or more spokes.

1. It shall be the sole responsibility of all competitors to ensure the wheels used in any mass start competition comply with Annexure 6 of the Cycling Australia Technical regulations – UCI Bike regulation 1.3.018. Should a competitor use a wheel which is in breach of this regulation and that wheel is found to have casued injury to any person or damage to property, the competitor using these wheels may be liable for all costs arising from the incident.

2.Cycling Australia may at its discretion conduct random scrutineering of competitor’s wheels from time to time.

3. Any competitor found to be using wheels in breach of UCI regulation 1.3.018 and this regulation, may be warned, fined or suspended. (a combination of these penalities may apply) (1/9/2009)


Roll Out Distances

For all junior categories, male and female, the following maximum roll out distances shall apply.

  • U11 Boys & Girls                          5.50 metres
  • U13 Boys & Girls                          5.50 metres
  • U15 Men & Women                        6.00 metres
  • U17 Men & Women                        7.00 metres

NOTE: This event is to be conducted under the ACT tech regs.

The ACT tech regs state,

307.1.2. To maximise the number of gears available to juniors on a road bike, juniors should be able to use all gears available in the rear cluster.

307.1.3. Adjusting or blocking off gears on the rear cluster by adjusting the rear derailleur is NOT permitted.

307.1.4. Standardising Junior Rear Wheels – It is desirable that the smallest rear cog of the rear cluster for U15, U17 and U19 juniors shall use a 14 tooth cog. (e.g. 14-21, 14-25)

3.6.04 For all junior categories up to and including JM17 – JW17 the following equipment restrictions will also apply for road and track competitions.

1. Handlebars shall be of a standard or “Classic” style. However bolt on handlebar extensions shall be allowed for JM15, JW15, JM17 and JW17 in the individual pursuit, team pursuit and road and track time trials only. No modification to the extension shall be allowed.

2 .For all events wheels must have at least 16 spokes with teh sole exception that construction of the rim shall exclude the use of composite fibre (Carbon, Kevlar, Aramid and similar fibres).

3 Only high pressure detachable tyres and tubes shall be used. A detachable type tube means the tube is detachable from the tyre casing. Such high pressure tyres shall be beaded.

Are interstate riders eligible for medals in the ACT Championship races?

Yes all participating U15 and U17 riders are eligible to win Medals and be known as the ACT Champion. The first ACT rider across the line will also receive a medal.

Can I or someone I am travelling with help with the Peter Blackshaw Real Estate Tour?

Yes we would appreciate any help you can provide. This is a large tour and places heavy demands on the ACT’s pool of volunteers. We always need spares vehicles, marshalls, drivers for Commissaires and a myriad of other assistants. If you or someone in your party are able to assist please sign up on our volunteer register!

What time will racing finish on Sunday?

Since Sunday afternoon is now reserved for the criterium and road races, racing will finishes will vary based on the riders age/category.

Accommodation in the ACT?

Canberra Park

Canberra Park is a new establishment located on the Federal Highway on the way into Canberra from Sydney & Melbourne. Built with school groups & sporting groups in mind, the rates we have arranged offer riders a very cost effective option, with the choice to include breakfast and/or dinner.

Bookings: bookings@canberrapark.com.au or +61 (0)2 6130 1000

There are many accommodation options in the ACT but you should book early as it can become scarce during major events or when Parliament is sitting.  If searching for accommodation, the Woden area is probably most convenient providing easy access to the racing and a large number of accommodation and restaurant options.

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